Aether Void is an Italian Heavy Metal band. It was formed in Modena (Italy) in November 2017 from the ashes of the band No Way Out.

The band was formed in June 2015 as “No Way Out” and the original lineup featured guitarists Erik Marzocchini and Domenico Rondinone (“Domme”), bassist Davide Brusini (“Bruso”), drummer Alberto Lugari (“Albi”) and singer Mirko Bagni. The sound of the band could be defined as traditional heavy metal from the eighties and nineties with some thrash metal influences, though it could not be easily compared to any specific band.

In February 2017, the band’s first 4-track EP “Dirty Games” was officially released.

No Way Out’s debut EP deals with a bunch of themes connected to the band’s personal point of view on the actual world such as death penalty (“Dead Man”) or world conflicts and their consequences (“War Is Near”, “End Of The World”). Another track, “Overload”, aims at celebrating the band itself and the entire heavy metal genre.

The EP was recorded at Art Distillery Studios in Modena in November 2016.

In September 2017, the "99.1%" single was recorded and released.

This single is a homage to the famous tv series “Breaking Bad” and was also the first lyric video of the band. The sound clearly moves away from the previous EP, indicating the artistic evolution of the band.

Later the band’s goal was to release its first studio album, but some complications arose among the band members. After careful consideration singer Mirko Bagni reluctantly decided to leave the band, though remaining on good terms with the other members.

Then, due to different artistic views, lead guitarist Domenico Rondinone and the rest of the band mutually decided to part ways.

Despite the loss of two members, the band did not stop working on the album and the three remaining members carried on the project, yet deciding to make significant changes.

New ideas and different influences led to a completely new approach in composition compared to the previous EP.

The project could go on thanks to two new members: Salvatore De Matteo (“Thore”) on vocals and Nicolò Bondioli (“Bond”) on lead guitar. With the new singer joining the band, the rough vocals which marked “Dirty Games” and “99.1%” were replaced by cleaner and more harmonic vocal lines that create a clear contrast with the previous songs.

Because of the huge changes affecting the band, in November 2017 the moniker was changed into “Aether Void”.

In October 2018 Aether Void completed the recording of their first studio album “Curse Of Life” at “Art Distillery Studios”.

The album was officially released on march 29th 2019 via Revalve Records.

The first single “Twisted Maze” was released on YouTube on march 2019, it was the band’s first music video. During 2019, 4 more singles were released from the album “Curse of Life”:

One Last Dawn" , “Death Wish", “Faithless Crusade” and “ Angels Die Too” with their respective Lyric Videos.

From June 2019 the band begins to collaborate with the booking agency "Truck Me Hard" for the promotion and the organization of live events.

During the pandemic of covid-19 the band changes line-up. In 2022 Thore and Bruso were replaced by Alfredo Pellini (Pello) on vocals and Giovanni Bergianti (GeV) on bass.

A few months after Pello and GeV joined the band, Aether Void released a new EP containing the unreleased single "Rise Again" and an Alternative Version of "Twisted Maze" from the album "Curse of Life" with their related videos.

Also in 2022, the band began collaboration with "Cerberus Booking" for management and events. They also resume live activities with the new line-up after 2 years of stop due to the pandemic.

In December 2022, the band began recording the new album at "Morphing Studios".....


Alfredo Pellini-Vocals

Nicolò Bondioli -Guitar

Erik Marzocchini-Guitar

Giovanni Bergianti-Bass

Alberto Lugari-Drums

Former Members:

Thore-Vocals [2017-2020]

Bruso-Bass [2017-2021]